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Finding our Paradise in Ecuador – She tries to buy local whenever she can but the cheese that’s available is too salty for Nan. There’s a guy who delivers fresh milk to her door so she decides to make some homemade queso fresco. Uh oh, here comes Joe.

Ecuador 4u – Felipe describes how he and Elaine train at altitude in Cotacachi. Both achieved personal goals while running the marathon races in Colorado.

So you want to live in Ecuador – Ann’s dream of a better life in Ecuador makes it difficult to put her heart into aggressively selling insurance benefits. Her lucky hubby will be able to retire at the end of the year. Hang in there Ann, your time is coming soon.

We moved from Chicago – The Roches figured that Halloween was not celebrated in Cuenca, what with the upcoming holidays and all. Luckily they had some candy in the house when a gaggle of trick or treaters came knocking at their door.

p.s. One more day before South of Zero will be going on hiatus, be sure check out Xpadorian Blogs for updates.

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Ahhh Cuenca!! – Having a car gives Dano the freedom to take off for Otavalo, Cotacachi and points north of Quito. He left on a Friday in the rain and drove down roads made of nothing but dust.

Ecuador George – George has a little morality tale (he swears it’s only fiction) about going after your heart’s desire. Nothing wrong with a goal in mind, just don’t be blinded by reassurances that everything will work out fine once you fork over the money.

Eric & Katy in Ecuador – Katy found like minded caregivers at a seminar in Cuenca sponsored by Care Partners International. She hopes to begin working with the nurses at Años Dorados in palliative and hospice care.

Finding our Paradise in Ecuador #1 – Becky and Keith invited the Levins to come visit down the beach. Nan couldn’t help herself and picked up several rock specimens to add to her collection and a nice chunk of driftwood for the garden.

Finding our Paradise in Ecuador #2 – Nan was delighted when John and Mary MacDonald showed up bearing gifts of fresh cuttings from their beautiful garden.

The Gaithers Love Ecuador – The Gaithers have an extensive archive of blog posts. They received many questions that have already been covered by the topics labeled on their blog site.

Kimbler’s Exit to Ecuador – There’s something wrong with the Royal Enfield, it can’t make it up the Cajas. Randy and the guys at the shop will just have to wait until the technician arrives from India.

Living it up in Ecuador #1 – When out of town guests arrive the MacDonalds decide that it would be a good opportunity to check out Chirije, an eco-hostel located close to Ecuador’s famous UFO sightings.

Living it up in Ecuador #2 – After their tour of Chirije, the group explored the beach hidden to most except at low tide. Lucky Juan found calamari for his family’s dinner that night.

Looking for the Simple Life – Now that Frank and his friend Bill have arrived the Clark household is getting quite full. The kids are doing great, but Susan needs to find something constructive to do with herself.

Pro-Ecuador Blog – Gary and Linda stayed at the Hosteria Mandala while they were visiting Puerto Lopez. It’s location in a jungle microcosm makes travelers feel as if they stepped into another universe.

We moved from Chicago – Michael participated in a poker tournament set up to benefit the Messengers of Peace orphanage in the Yunguilla Valley. He toured their soap making facility and got to meet some of the residents.

p.s. We are on the final countdown of our move to Ecuador. South of Zero will be going on hiatus Friday while we transition to a new location. We would like to remind everyone to check out Xpadorian Blogs in the meantime.

Spanish-English Translation/PronunciationToday’s Weather in Ecuador
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