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While researching online for new recipes and for some hopefully more successful cooking methods for this high altitude I discovered a massive culinary forum. Quite by accident really because I was thinking of purchasing a pressure cooker… another story for another day.

Anyways, after finding eGullet (what a name) I had to look for any entries for Ecuadorian cuisine. What a delight it is to share with my readers Elizabeth Campbell’s food blog entry. She is the young expat owner of Panaderia Canadiense, a catering bakery in Ambato.

Her journal starts at the beginning of a major food festival and holiday preparations for Dia de los Difuntos (day of the deceased). We find out what Elizabeth cooks for herself and go shopping with her to the Mercados as she explains the many fruits, vegetables, meats, spices and kitchenware unique to Ecuador. It’s a week long story packed with amazing photos and recipes. Really great are the tasty descriptions of traditional street food from the booths at the Feria de Finados.

A year later she once again shares with us a little baking, what’s for dinner, here’s my kitchen (eek! it’s tiny), and a trip down the coast and up the sierras for a culinary vacation. OMG, I’m getting hungry.

Shrimp Cerviche

Shrimp Cerviche

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing a little bit of your food world with us. Did I mention she happens to grow bananas at 10,000 feet?

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