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Spanish-English Translation/PronunciationToday’s Weather in Ecuador
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Today’s Photo: Kids’ Christmas Party 2011 courtesy of Bob & Rox

Bob & Rox – Their idea to throw a Christmas party for the neighborhood children has morphed into a very big annual production. Bob and Rox are starting to feel the squeeze when they realize how much they still need to do. Can’t be there in person but you want to help? They’ve set up an account to accept donations.

Cuenca Video Life – One more little reason Lenny and Sharon need to make more frequent visits back to Oregon. Introducing their new grandson Logan Bradley Stephens.

Finding our Paradise in Ecuador – I think everyone has caught on that Nan likes to cook. Her friends return from Guayaquil bearing gifts of fresh fruit in season; there are mangoes, mangosteens and some ripe ciruelas.

Gringos Abroad – Today’s guest blogger tells us about fishing in Ecuador; it all depends on what region you’re in. James relays his first experience fly fishing. Let’s just say after that he became the operator/guide of Fintastic Adventures De Ecuador Fishing Excursions.

Living it up in Ecuador – Here’s where things start to get weird in Chirije. The ancients built an airport for unidentified flying objects to land. They lined up figurines to represent their alien visitors. John and Mary are skeptical but the workers believe.

p.s. The Beckman household is moving to Ecuador. South of Zero will be on hiatus until when? Don’t worry we’ll be back, in the meantime you can find out when our SOZ bloggers have last posted on Xpadorian Blogs. We put South of Zero on the list too so you’ll know when we are posting again.

Spanish-English Translation/PronunciationToday’s Weather in Ecuador
Metric Conversion Tool

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